StoreShield Protection

We appreciate the trust you put in us by allowing us to take care of your stuff, and we want you to know that we are confident in our ability to safeguard your valuables. Please take a minute to review our guarantee below. Note that this guarantee has limits, and is not meant to replace your existing homeowners or renters insurnance. You should always check with your insurance provider to ensure your belongings are covered while in storage.

In the situation where the things you store with us (your 'Items') are lost or damaged while they are under our care (from the moment we leave with them, until the moment we give them back) we will reimburse you - in accordance with the conditions detailed below - for the cost of replacement or repair (whichever is a lessor cost) of the Items. The maximum coverage for an individual item is $1,000.

This limited guarantee is bound by the following conditions:

  1. The Items are not prohibited for storage by our storage policies, terms of service, or any other agreement between you and us.
  2. You have ensured that your Items are property packed by:
    1. Not exceeding the weight limit (able to be carried by a single able-bodied person);
    2. Reasonably and responsibly padded or protected fragile Items;
    3. Making sure that your Items meet our standards for storage and do not include or contain items listed on our list of restricted items;
    4. Tagging larger Items and transport bags with a Storable ID tag.
  3. You verify upon releasing your Items to us that the Storable ID tag on your Items are intact upon return of your items to you, and you notify us of any loss and/or damage to your Items within 48 hours of return to you.
  4. The liability for loss or damage is covered by our insurance, or the insurance of our third party service providers.
  5. You provide us, upon request, with proof of the loss or damage and the cost for repair and/or replacement of the Item(s)
  6. You are not in violation of the Storable terms and conditions

The maximum coverage for any single Item is $1,000 CAD. In a situation where you have only 2 Items stored with us, regardless of the original cost of the Item, the maximum reimbursement would be $2,000.

This limited coverage states our exclusive liability, and your exclusive recourse, for any loss or damage to your Items. If any part of this limited coverage is invalid or otherwise unenforcable, both you and we intend that the remaining terms of this coverage remain in effect.