Take advantage of our monthly, per-item pricing model. It's flexible, affordable and easy. What's best, is you only pay for what you store (who wants to be paying for empty space in a storage locker?). Add to that no mimimums or contracts, and you won't find a better deal, or service, anywhere. Period.

Small Items - $0.50 / month

These things are, well, small. If it would fit in a napsack, it would be considered a small item.

Large Items - $5 / month

These are bigger, not huge, and can be safely carried by a single able-bodied person.

Containers - $8 / month

A container of stuff you don't want us to inventory individually, and will be treated as a single item.

Storable can take care of any item which can be carried by a single, able-bodied person. To read more about what times of items we accept, and which items are prohibited, have a read through the Items FAQ

Pick Up and Delivery Costs

We make pickups and deliveries from 8am - 8pm, seven days a week.

Lead Time      Pick Up      Deliveries
Two days+      Free      Free (one free per 30 days)
Next Day      $10 (subject to availability)      $10 (subject to availability)
Same Day      $25      $25
2 Hours      $35      $35
Outside Service Area      Contact Us      Contact Us

Read more about pickup and delivery on our Pick Up and Delivery FAQ

What will it cost ME to use Storable?

Well, that depends on how much stuff you want us to store for you. Here are some typical uses from our other clients:

Scenario 1: "I Just need to put a few things aside..."

11 small items + 3 bigger items = $13.50 / month

Scenario 2: "I've got some bigger stuff to store..."

4 bigger items + 2 Sealed Containers = $32 / month

Scenario 3: "I downsized my Condo..."

32 small items + 3 bigger items + 4 Sealed Containers = $60 / month