Frequently Asked Questions

Storable Overview

Think of us as your personal assistant for your stuff. Our professional service and online app lets you store, view, and retrieve your stuff from storage without ever having to visit a storage facility. We have convenient pick up and delivery options right to your home or business.

What do people usually store?

Our members typically use Storable as a really big closet, to stay better organized. The most common items we store are:

  • Bicycles
  • Luggage
  • Sports Equipments (Skis, Snowboards, Golf Clubs...
  • Winter Coats & Jackets
  • Formal Clothing
  • Seasonal Decorations (Christmas, Halloween, etc...)
  • Musical Instruments
  • Baby Products (Strollers, PackNPlays, etc)
  • Car Tires
  • Books
  • Small Appliances
  • Small Furnishings (bar stools, etc...)
  • Camping Gear
How Does Storable work?

A Storable concierge will come to your home or business and pick up the items you want to store. We then take your items back to our secure storage facility where we unpack, photograph, and catalog each item. Then, we upload each item into your account so you can view them in your virtual closet. This lets you see the items you've stored with us, as well as request an item (or items) to be delivered back to you from our site or app. Pick what you'd like back, and we'll drop it off.

Where is Storable available?

Storable is presently available in the city of Toronto itself, although we can make pickups and deliveries in the surrounding GTA for an additional fee. Please contact our awesome support team to ask how we can help you.

Does Storable cost more than a storage locker?

Typically, no. Most members see savings over a traditional storage locker because you don't pay for space you're not using. Paying for space you're not using is part of their business model. Not here. Using Storable, you only pay for what you actually use. When you add the personalized service of pick up and delivery, the ability to check your items out on our app, and never having to visit a dusty storage facility again...well, it's a no brainer.

How do I start?

Download the app, and follow the simple instructions for scheduling a pick up. Before we get there, set aside the stuff you want to store so they're easily accessible for your storage specialist when they arrive.'re done. We'll take it from there.

How do I get my things back?

Whenever you want your item - or items - back, you just pick the items you want on our website or app, and schedule a delivery. Easy, huh?

When do you deliver or pick up?

We offer pick ups and deliveries from 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Can I change my address

Of course you can. People move. But...Storable is not a moving company. To prevent abuse, we have a few simple rules.

  • You can change your address for free if your items have been stored with us for a minimum of 3 months.
  • If you change your address in the first three months, your account may be subject to a $300 fee.
  • Multiple address changes are subject to a similar fee.

These rules are to prevent abuse, but we're also reasonable people. We would be happy to work with you to see what we can do to make your life easier. Contact our support team and ask what we can do. We love helping our members.

Do you offer short term storage?

Storable is designed for long term storage, but we understand that sometimes people need to store stuff for shorter periods. Additional fees may apply for short term storage.

Pick Ups & Deliveries

How do I schedule a pick up?

You can schedule a pick up from your account on our website or from our app. We'll come pick your stuff up, inventory and photograph them at our secure storage facility, and add them to your virtual closet. Pick ups and deliveries can be schedule seven days a week. Available times are shows during the booking process.

How long does a pick up take?

We schedule 15-30 minutes for picking stuff up when we get there. But, that's also dependant on how much stuff you want us to store for you. If you have your items packed an ready for pick up, that will make things go much faster and we're often out of there in just a few minutes. If you have lots of stuff, just indicate that when you schedule your pickup. We'll make sure we have time for you.

How do I prepare for pickup?

It's easy. Just put the stuff you want to store near the door where we will be getting them, and have them pretty much packed. To speed up the process, we ask that you have everything ready to go for when we arrive.

Can I bring items to the warehouse?

Unfortunately, no. For security and insurance purposes, we do not allow public access to our secure storage facility to drop items off. But you don't need to. Just schedule a pick up and we'll take it from there.

Will you meet me at my storage locker for a pick up?

You betcha! When you schedule a pick up in the app, tick off the "Pickup at storage locker" box, and we will ask a few additional questions (size of locker, etc) to ensure we have the right truck and crew to get you started.

Will I have to cancel? What do I do?

Life happens. We get it. You can cancel or reschedule a pick up or delivery from within the app.

To be fair to other members who want to schedule on the same day as you - and our drivers braving the city traffic - a cancellation must be made at least 6 hours before the scheduled time, or a $25 late cancellation fee will apply. In the case of a rush pick up or delivery, the $25 fee will apply if the crew is already enroute.

I wasn't home when you got there

If nobody is there when our crew arrives, and we can't get in touch with you after waiting for five minutes past the scheduled time, a $25 no show fee may be added to your account.

Viewing Items In The App

How do I view my items?

You'll receive an notification or email when your stuff has been photographed and cataloged at our secure storage facility. You can then log into your account or open the app and you'll be taken to your home screen where your items will be displayed. You can search for items by category, name, or descriptions you can add.

How do I sort through my stuff?

You can browse items by cateogry, or filter on lots of different criteria. You can tag colors, item types, etc. Use the filters in the top navigation to find your stuff quickly and easily. Or you can use the search feature to find specific items.

How do I add an item to my favorites?

From within the app, click on the heart icon. We'll add it to an easily found list of your favorite items.

How do I add an item name or category?

Easily, that's how. Just click on an item to view the details of it. Then, click on the edit button and you can update the name or category of the item.

Sharing Items With Friends

How do let my friends borrow my stuff?

First, you'll need to send a friend request (or they can send you one) through the app. When the friend request is accepted, you will now both be able to view and request the items each of you has designated as available for friends to borrow.

When one person requests to borrow an item, the owner of the item has to approve the request. If it is approved, we move the item to the account of the person who made the request and they can then check it out and have it delivered.

What if someone does not return an item to me?

Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about that. When we transfer an item into an account, that person has ownership of it - much like if you let someone borrow somthing offline. We would encourage people to always use their best discretion when choosing who to accept a friend request from, and when lending their items.

What happens if a borrowed item is lost or damaged?

Any damage or loss which occurs while we are not in possession of the item is the responsibility of the two parties to figure out. We do not assume any responsibility for items when they are not in our possession.

If I borrow an item, am I charged for it's storage costs?

Yes. When an item is transferred into your accout, you assume the item as if you had checked it in yourself.


How much does Storable cost?

Our on demand pricing model makes it flexible, and easy to afford. Small items are $0.50 per month, larger items are $5 per month.

If you have personal or private items - or groups of items - you can pack them in a sealed container and label them "SEALED". We won't categorize the items and will leave the container as is and add it to your account. Sealed containers cost $8 per month.

How much does pick up and delivery cost?

For Picking Items Up

  • Scheduled 48 hours or more in advance: Free
  • Less than 48 hours notice: $10 - $35 subject to availability

For Deliveries

  • First delivery in a rolling 30 day period: Free
  • Additional deliveries in a 30 day period - booked 48 hours in advance: $20
  • Additional deliveries in a 30 day period - less than 48 hours notice: $10 - 35 subject to availability


Are there any extra fees?

The following fees may apply to your account:

  • Late cancellations or no-shows
  • Rush pick ups and deliveries
  • Using Storable as a moving service
  • Return and/or disposal of prohibited items
  • Late Payments

Late Cancellation: $25. Cancellations made for pick ups or deliveries which are 24 hours or less from the scheduled appointment are subject to a $25 fee.

No Show: $25. If you, or someone you have appointed, is not present to complete the delivery or pick up and we are not able to get in touch with you (we'll call you) and the driver has waited for 15 minutes, a $25 no-show fee may apply. We understand that sometimes circumstances are beyond your control. Contact us to talk about it. We're always willing to listen.

Using Storable as a moving service: $300. While we don't have minimums, and we're happy to be a short-ish term storage solution for you, Storable is not a moving service. Customers who check in a large number of items, and then check them out in a short period of time takes away our resources from other customers. If, in our discretion, it is decided that you have misused our services you will be charged a $300 fee at the time of delivery.

Late Payments: $25. If a payment is late for any reason, your account will be subject to a $25 late fee. If your credit card on file is declined, you will be notified by email and you will have 48 hours to update your credit card on file. If we are not able to process your payment within 48 hours, a $25 late fee will be added to your total.


How Does Billing work?

You are billed on a monthly (not 30 day periods like traditional self storage) for the items you have stored with us.

You monthly total, billed in advance, is inclusive of all items in our care at any point throughout your billing cycle. If you check an item out, and check it back in during the same month, you are not charged twice.

Any one time charges incurred by your account will be charged to your credit card on file at the time the fees are incurred.

When is my billing cycle?

Your billing cycle is set on the day of the first time we pick items up from you. You be billed on the same day in future months.

How do I pay?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

A credit card is required before we make your first pick up, but no charges are made until your items are safely stored in our storage facility.

Everything about Items

What are the requirements of an item?

You can store almost anything with us, provided it meets two criteria:

  • A single healthy person can safely carry it;
  • It is not an item listed on our list of prohibited items such as firearms, explosives, liquids, etc...

If you're unsure if an items is eligible for storage with us, please contact Customer Care and ask. They're super friendly people who want to help. Additionally, you can ask the storage specialist when they arrive for a pick up.

Small vs Large Items

The easiest way to decide if an item is small or large is to think about a kids school knapsack. If it fits in there, it's a small item. If it's bigger than that, it's a large item.

Small items would be: Clothing, shoes, small appliances (blenders, etc), cameras, purses, toys, dishes, winter coats, etc...

Large items would be: Golf clubs, bicycles, skis, snowboards, car seats, strollers, musical instruments, bar stools, etc...

What qualifies as an "item"?

We define an item as "Anything which we record as a single entity, having it's own record in a member account".

That sounds like lawyer speak! What does it actually mean? Well, it means that an items is a thing, which may or may not have multiple pieces but must be purchased as a set and used together. For example, while a board game has many parts inside of it, it remains one item. But, all of your skiing gear is not a single item. However, your pair of skis would count as one item, not two. Make sense? If you're not sure, your concierge will help you when he or she arrives to pick up your stuff.

What about stuff in pairs?

Anything which is realistically a set (shoes, a suit coat and pants, gloves, a chair and its cushion) would always be a single item.

What is a "sealed container"?

If you have items which you would like to keep private, or are commonly grouped together (like your holdiay decorations) and you don't want them itemized in your online closet, you can pack them in a container and label with "SEALED", and let the concierge know when he or she arrives. Your concierge will have "SEALED" stickers with them when they arrive.

A few important points about Sealed Containers

  • They must be properly sealed or closed to be accepted and stored in our facility. Boxes must be securely taped, duffel bags must have zippers, etc.
  • Plastic bags are NOT accepted. We can still take the items within the bag, but they will have to be itemized.
  • Storable reserves the right to open a sealed container at our sole discretion should we suspect it may contain prohibited items. If prohibited items are round, they will be subject to a disposal or return fee.
Can I Store Valuables

Of course, that's entirely up to you. As a rule, most insurance providers would suggest storing high value items in a safety deposit box, but we are still willing and able to safely store your items. We encourage you to review our StoreShield Guarantee, as well as speaking to your insurance provider about the status of your coverage while your items are in storage.

Do you take Furniture?

At present, we only take items which can be carried safely but a single healthy person. We take things like folding chairs, floor lamps, and bar stools all the time. Things like Mattresses, couches and dining tables can't come yet. We're working on updating our capacity to include larger items and will notify members in the future when this service becomes available.

Prohibited Items

What items are prohibited

The health, safety and security of our staff and the facilities is a HUGE thing for us. Besides, our lawyers would have a brain aneurysm if we stored this stuff. The following items are prohibited from storage:

  • Food, or other perishible items.
  • Anything alive, including plants. We like puppies. If you give us a puppy, we're keeping it :)
  • Anthing with a strong odor, including items with extensive cigarette exposure. We don't want everyone elses stuff to smell.
  • Flammable items
  • Explosives, including fireworks and ammunition.
  • Firearms of any kind
  • Compressed gas (propane and/or acetylene tanks, etc...)
  • Poisonous material
  • Hazmat or Biohazard materials
  • Prescription drugs, even if they're in your name
  • Illegal materials and substances of any kind
  • Liquids, gels, or aerosols. This inlcludes wine and any type of alcohol
  • Any items whch require regulated temperature control

Yeesh, I bet you feel like you're at the Airport!

Please note that the contents of Sealed Containers are also subject to these restrictions.

What do you do with prohibited items?

If we discover prohibited items, we will notify the customer and work with them to find a resolution. We will either return it to you, or if you wish we will dispose of it for you.

If the prohibited items presents a safety concern it can not be transported back to you. We will dispose of it and the costs related to the safe handling and disposal will be changed to your account.

Storable has a no tollerance policy for items which are illegal, and in all cases we will report them to the proper authorities.

What about sharp stuff like knives?

Yes, sharp things are fine, but they need to be prepared properly. So, your collection of swords is fine as long as:

  • All blades and/or sharp items must be set asside and packaged individually
  • You MUST notify your Concierge of the objects, and where they are before they are handled.
  • All sharp points must be securely covered and in an appropriate case or packaging to prevent accidental contact. We will not accapt sharp items which are loose in a box or bag.


How should I pack items?

As a rule, you should pack your stuff the same way you would to prepare for a moving company. Please ensure that:

  • Containers are light enough to be carried by a single person. No more than 50 lbs.
  • Make sure fragile items are protected with packing materials and in a container strong enough to handle being moved. Please point our fragile items to your concierge so they can apply "Fragile" stickers.
Do I need to be packed before you arrive?

Yes, please. In order to ensure we meet all of our delivery and pick up appointments, we ask that you have everything ready to go so we can safely load everything for your appointment.

What do you do with empty boxes?

If you have items in a box which is not a sealed container, we either have the container recycled, stored as an additional item, or returned to you.

Our Facilities

How scure is your facility?

Our secure storage facility has 24 hour video surveilance, and tightly controlled access controls. It is not accessible to the public, and we intentionally do not have signage on the buildings. The only staff members with access to the warehouse are those whose job role fall within the warehouse itself.

Can I Drop off or Pick up my stuff?

No. For both security and insurance purposes, we do not allow public access to our facilities under any circumstance. But you don't need to worry about dropping off or picking up. We'll do that for you.

Are your facilities climate controlled?

Yes. The temperature will fluctuate slightly between winter and summer, but will not present a risk to your belongings.

Where are your facilities?

We use multiple facilities in the Greater Toronto Area to ensure maximum efficency in storing your items.

Insurance & Protection

Are my items covered?

All customers, and their items, are covered by our StoreShield protection program, at no additional cost. We provide coverage for damage or loss of up to up to $1,000 per item while it is in our care. Additional coverage may be purchased on a per-item basis if desired.

What if something is broken when I get it back?

In the highly unlikely event that you get an item back which is not in the same condition it was when it was checked in, Contact Customer Care immediately upon receiving the item. We will contact you to discuss the matter right away and find a solution.

What if something is missing from my account or delivery?

It won't happen. OK, in the crazy unlikley event it does, we ask that you notify us within 24 hours.

If an item is missing from your virtual closet, let us know right away. We will literally have our entire warehouse staff dropping what they're doing to find it. Literally. Contact Customer Care and we will get right on it.