About Storable

Storable is a new way to store and access the personal stuff which you don't use every day. Like a concierge for your belongings.

Our motto is "living lighter" and we make that happen by giving people access to the things they need, regardless of the size of your apartment, condo, house, or wherever else you call home.

We accomplish this by making it possible to manage your belongings from outside your home in a manner which lets you see and access all of your stuff - whenever you need it - through our well designed and user friendly app and website. We help you take control of your living space and free up corners and closets from all the things you own, but don't use daily.

Our ultimate goal is to bring people more value from what they own. We let people easily remember what they own, where it is, and where to find it.

Currently operating in the City of Toronto and parts of the surrounding GTA, the Storable service will be expanding yearly to new neighbourhoods.